Christina Chen

Iā€™m a designer and developer, and I'm in the process of updating my website šŸ˜… In the meantime, you can find my resume, previous portfolio, and the one before that

Currently, I'm a product design intern at Addepar working on portfolio analysis tools for wealth advisors. Previously, I designed cybersecurity software at Cisco and built on design systems at RBC Royal Bank. 

This fall, Iā€™m going into my fourth year at OCAD University in the undergraduate Digital Futures program, where I have worked on a decentralized app for group saving, an inktrap typeface, an urban design project while in France, and a trending Snapchat filter which has over 200,000 plays. I'm also interested in data visualization, crypto and economics, wayfinding systems, and GANs for font generation. I collect things I like on and I sometimes share on Dribbble.

I can be contacted via Twitter, LinkedIn, or by scheduling a call