Christina Chen

Hello, I'm a designer, researcher, and developer based in Toronto.

I'm still updating my website 😅 In the meantime, here is my resume, past portfolio, and the one before that.

Currently, I am interning at Addepar, designing workflows for modelling alternative investments. Previously, I worked on cybersecurity software at Cisco and design systems at RBC Royal Bank.

This fall, I'm going into my fourth year at OCAD University in the undergraduate Digital Futures program, where I have explored typeface design, statistics, blockchain development, economics, GANs, AR and VR, data visualization, chatbots, and electroacoustics.

Some of my most memorable experiences include collaborating on an urban design workshop in France, presenting a hackathon project to Vitalik Buterin, and making a trending Snapchat filter which has over 200,000 plays.

I enjoy drinking bubble tea, sleeping, and reading (at the moment, Caps Lock by Ruben Pater and Outnumbered by David Sumpter are in my backpack.)

You can find me collecting ideas on and sometimes sharing on Dribbble. I can be contacted via Twitter, LinkedIn, or by scheduling a call