frequently asked questions

are there any resources you'd recommend to get started in product design or adjacent roles?

yes - general design resources, product design portfolios, product design case studies, intro to design, design systems, design engineering. i'm not actively maintaining these, so some of the older links may be broken.

can i get a referral?

i'll usually refer you if we know each other, are mutuals, or if i think your work is interesting.

how did you get into product design?

after starting university for computer science and business, i went to a hackathon and learned about figma. i was failing calculus and thought design would be a more suitable career path, so i withdrew from school after one semester. i worked on a lot of product design projects and ended up at art school to explore my personal art practice.

how did you get internships?

i did 3 internships while i was a student and i cold applied to all of them without referrals. what worked for me was applying to jobs as soon as they came out, two strong case studies on my portfolio, and extra attention to visual design. everyone has different strengths and experiences, your mileage may vary.

can i see your previous product design portfolios?

there are too many iterations to show, but here are a few versions from when i was a student in february 2021, december 2021, and february 2022.

my question isn't answered here.

feel free to send me a message on any platform you find me.