[2022-] type experiments


Mar 10, 2024

spent a good chunk of time in art school exploring the relationship between tools and fonts.

this was for my thesis. wrote a somewhat long post about my work and printed it into a booklet for my graduate exhibition, but for some reason i don't feel like putting links in these blog posts. i'm not sure how to articulate why but it doesn't feel right. but it's available on the web somewhere, if you look :)

when adobe firefly first came out, everyone was very excited about it but the text effect feature felt kinda overlooked by the other things they were offering. i got (relatively) early access and made a sort of review/demo video.

the idea wasn't new, but i get to say that i prototyped something with very similar functionality before adobe text effects came out! i built it with hugging face spaces, python, and gradio to "decorate" text based on prompts powered by stable diffusion's image to image pipeline.

also i made this video about how to make a font in figma if you're interested.