[2023] tokyo, kyoto, atami


Mar 10, 2024

Senso-ji, 10°C

When I'm somewhere new, I take a lot of pictures of signs. I'm jealous of languages that can be read both vertically and horizontally because you're able to have some more design freedom without sacrificing legibility. There aren't many vertical signs in America, since we primarily use the Latin alphabet. I know this is a photo of an English word, but you can probably spot some vertical signage in my other pictures.

This picture was originally taken with a portrait orientation, but I thought this page would look better if all the photos had the same aspect ratio.

Fushimi, Kyoto - We got daifuku from here. There's a sign right next to the shop that says "No food." I have multiple photos of Claudia holding food next to a "No food" or "Don't eat" sign. The other time, it was a crepe in Shibuya.

The view from our room in Kyoto.

Two of each thing I like in this photo - two jackets in this particular shade of blue. Two koban stars. Two angels.

You know what mountain this is.

A colour combination I like in Atami.

If I'm not careful, I'd fill this page with pictures of flowers. But I'll show restraint.

The wall in this photo belongs to a public washroom. I remember using the toilet here and then getting Seventeen ice cream from a Glico vending machine. I had mint chocolate and Claudia had matcha flavour.

San Remo Memorial Park - A small playground designed for children. There were also monkey bars and a panda spring rider in the corner. I would like to see more toys like this one.

I just like it.

We took a cable car to get up the mountain. Some of the cars were Pingu themed, and there was a Pingu cafe at the top.

When we were waiting for the train to go back to Tokyo from Atami, I took a photo of the window inside the station.