[2023-] ideas


Jun 27, 2024

incomplete list of things i'm thinking about… i'll come back to edit this more
i have some ideas for mapping human relationships over time but i'd like to get more familiar with my tools first. other stuff i'm working on or thinking about include fonts, music, and tools for fonts and music - both creation and analysis.
i also have a theory that people who are friends spend more time on the same apps, and the natural behaviour of which apps we gravitate to also influence our friendships. kind of like internet environments. i'd like to gather data on this and do some analysis, likely through collecting screen time among friends, but it's a bit difficult to coordinate.

why are most displays and containers rectangular?

personal databases and the practice of collecting and visualizing your own data. this project, “sentiment timeline” plots over 300 of my pictures on the axes of sentiment and time (with the average colour at the bottom) using the google vision API, in an attempt to see how i've felt over the past 10 years. built this with yihui but there are some improvements that have yet to be made.

i might have a slight obsession with organizing and archiving my data, i have a couple of related projects. like scanning documents from kindergarten all the way to high school, combing through and categorizing 3 years' of twitter bookmarks, developing systems to organize my camera roll and spotify playlists, and more.

competitive programming but for design… also something i'm working on with yihui