[2016-2023] depop


Mar 12, 2024

i started selling clothes when i was 14. it started with hand-me-downs, i ventured into re-selling thrifted items, some DIY/upcycled stuff, things i designed, and clothes i bought but didn't end up wearing as much as i thought i would

all the posts on my depop shop, minus the first 5 because it didn't fit into this grid. right to left it (roughly) goes from newest to oldest. i used to post a lot of "proof of postage" posts where i'd post a picture of the receipt from shipping, with the address hidden, so the buyer knew i wasn't scamming them. later on, when i had more reviews and depop built more features to communicate shipping info, i had less of those

a couple of milestones… depop also sent me a really nice branded tote which i still use! it has their old logo on it, before they rebranded and got acquired (not sure which came first)

people wearing the shirts i designed…looking back i'm surprised this many people wore it cause i don't think i'd wear this today… thanks for supporting me y'all are real ones

i called it consequence clothing, i came out with 3 pieces which i named the hayden t-shirt and cherry long sleeve. amber alexander made a video where ashley alexander (urmomashley) is wearing the shirt!