[2017-2019] canada's wonderland


Mar 11, 2024

haha i even made a post about wonderland… those who have worked there just know that it leaves some kind of permanent mark on you

this is a photo edit i made, i took this photo as i was leaving work because i usually worked closing shifts and it was very rare for me to leave work when the sky was still bright. also i was really into dovneon's instagram at the time

may 21, 2017 - does this photo work here?

i took this photo on may 13, 2017. it's near the employee services building, on the path to the park

november 5, 2017 - behind the scenes closing

october 28, 2017 - halloween haunt. this photo reminds me of the artwork for attached by verzache

july 8, 2018 - it wouldn't be canada's wonderland without canadian geese. this was taken in one of the employee only areas in the middle of the park. these areas were useful because they would house the back exits of many restaurants and also serve as a shortcut for employees walking across the park.

i love this colour (and this time of day). you can see the behemoth rollercoaster in the corner. i took this photo on july 5, 2018.

this was taken at coasters on july 12, 2018. i still remember jade (our busser) did this after the lunch rush had passed and it was a bit slower in the back, we were just prepping stuff so that people who came in would get their food faster

i have a ton of pictures in my camera roll of papers and things. mostly rosters and inventory sheets. when i was a supervisor at marketplace buffet, i got these too. top: an associate (OT)'s resignation letter. below: list of common allergens in our dishes. one time, we had a guest who was allergic to like 7 different things and i pored over our food binder to tell her which things were safe to eat. later she came back and was listing her allergies again, but i noticed she forgot mustard when listing them. she was really touched that i remembered haha