[2019] western university


Mar 11, 2024

i didn't do much at western but thought i'd make a post about it anyways

london, ontario in the winter. you can't see it in the photo but there is snow on the ground. i think i was waiting for the bus to go to church

i started going to hackathons in my first year at western. my first one was hack the north at waterloo in september, and then after that i went to almost one every weekend. this photo is from hack the valley (actually early 2020 i think), shoutout russell markos and hoang! one of my favourite hackathons, and i won nanoleaf light panels that because the main light source for my bedroom lol

i worked on this with jacob after i left western. it ended up being really useful to a lot of people! he did most of the work but i was proud that i made the frontend haha

was supposed to be studying but ended up cutting welch's at weldon and filming a video… there is way more than this but i'll keep it hidden for now

i did these illustrations for ivey business review! i feel kind of bad that i left after one semester and couldn't continue to help for the next term, but they had more illustrators than usual this year so it was probably fine

i doodle more when i'm bored