[2012-2016] polyvore


Mar 10, 2024

i spent a lot of time on polyvore between 2012-2016, here are some of my favourite sets and pieces of the descriptions that accompanied them! i won't put the entire descriptions cause they were quite long haha, just snippets.

after polyvore shut down, i was able to download most of my sets as images across my 2 accounts (my first account slanted-sidewalk and my second account spacemode), although there were some data on shared accounts that i've lost ): i was really surprised, but all of the files managed to fit in a perfect layout like this, without any holes!

march 13, 2016
far away - palastic / america - xylo / purple eyes - the knocks ft. phoebe ryan 

hi friends!! okay so i realized i haven't been on poly in over a month. time flies by so quickly haha. school, as always, is busy plus i've been filming and drawing more often. the thing i've been spending most time on, though, is depop!!!!! i opened a depop shop about two weeks ago! i'm not selling much right now, but i'm saving up for a new laptop & some software!! here's the link: [redacted]

also: just a note to anyone who noticed haha, i haven't been on twitter or instagram recently bc i've been in china, and twitter & instagram are blocked in china. a lot of apps are blocked in china so if i'm not responding to any messages or things on social media then it's just bc i can't access it and i'm not ignoring you i promise!!!!

also also how do you even keep up with sets? someone tell me your secrets ;-; there are so many lovely sets from people i'm following and how is it possible to look at them all

february 2, 2016
alright - san holo x yellow claw 

hi friends! ♡ exams are finally over for me so i have time to create and catch up on all your lovely sets!! oh and happy birthday to jemma @feels-like-snow-in-september ~

anyways i was tagged in this tag quite a long time ago and i kinda feel like doing it now hehe ^-^ (you can tell a lot about a person by the type of music they listen to. hit shuffle on your iphone, phone, media player, etc and write down the first ten songs and your favorite lyric from each song. then pass it on to 10 people)

  1. let's talk about your hair - have mercy "i know that you know that i know that you don't really care"

  2. time - mikky ekko "we're too young to recognize, that nothing stays the same"

  3. skeleton boy - friendly fires "you're too much"

  4. georgia - vance joy "she is electricity running to my soul"

  5. back to you - wild "i'm giving everything i've got, God knows i know it's not a lot"

  6. out of touch - bed of stars "be the one to turn around again"

  7. transmission - zedd ft logic & x ambassadors "remember the ghosts before you, and drink to their souls tonight"

  8. feelings fade - gnash "i'm tired of fake people, fake smiles, fake hugs, fake hope, fake friends, fake love" - every single lyric in this song is my fave though

  9. i won't let you go - snow patrol "we laughed until it hurt, and it hurt until we wept"

  10. harmony - the early november "you're like harmony in a sad song bringing out the misery you want"

costume party / tdcc

wuddup everyone (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

how is your day going?? just a simple art set today,, i wont be posting v often bc the weekend is over & school is busy :/// 

rn for pe we are doing lots & lots of running & sometimes its enjoyable but for the most part tiring. i try to sidetrack myself & think about strange topics like why pineapples are spiky & contemplating song lyrics so i dont focus on how much im losing breath hahah

its so sad how im always saying that i will sleep earlier but i never end up actually doing it ◕︵◕ im going to try to do tomorrow ok!!!!!! my ultimate goal is to have sleeping habits that match with the sky -- bed after sunset & up before sunrise

but we all know thats not happening until a very long time lol

next day's desc: [first off id like to thank u all for my top set yesterday!!!! so glad(((: i try to like back but i cant like /everyones/ sets u feel?? but comment below if u want me to like some of your sets & i will(:]

so i'm going back to school in a few days and i'm not sure how to feel. summer went by so quickly, it kind of just slipped through my fingers. i went shopping three days ago and i picked up three CDs bc the local store was having a sale on some older CDs. i got pretty. odd. by p!atd, gossamer by passion pit and mgmt by mgmt so that's all i've been listening to for the past few days haha. 

i bought the shoes in the top right for school, they're the all black canvas vans old skools

here are three songs that remind me of back to school 

still sane / lorde
-- not in the swing of things

here / alessia cara 
-- this really describes how i feel about school and not wanting to be there haha 

teenagers / mcr
-- ..... teenagers scare me /:

january 19, 2016
the lost boy - lostboycrow ft. skizzy mars

hi friends ♡ exams are next week for me and i have a video i need to finish editing for school but i'm procrastinating as always hehe

i really really like lostboycrow's new ep. it came out last week, it's called sigh for me and it's beautiful and chill and i love it. this song is one of my favourites and the lyrics to the chorus especially speak to me aah. you know when you listen to a song and you feel like the writer is talking to you? that's this song for me haha

it kind of reminds me of something i've been wanting to talk about for a while. i have so many dreams and aspirations in life that seem so big and unable to be accomplished and unrealistic and sometimes it seems like there are so many barriers and things that are holding me back. for a while, i've basically been trying a lot of different forms of art and i've found a lot of stuff is really expensive haha. good music & video editing software cost so much money and so does photoshop. i've gained so much respect for low-budget films and art aah.

and i feel this pressure to get somewhere or to actually accomplish something or feel like i have stuff together? i don't know if any of what i'm saying makes sense but hmm. let's just say it gets hard to create without thinking that there is always better software or material out there that could intensify or better what i'm making. it's really easy for me to always want more and not appreciate what i have already lol.

moral of story i can and should make do with what i have and i'll hopefully be updating you on my art. i have a few videos that i've been waiting to find time to post on youtube and i'm working on a really large photography + art / words type of book thing i'm going to try to put together for fun hehe

i guess the most important thing is to keep going and let the creativity flow and let it happen instead of stressing about software ;-;

bet u wish ♡ raye 

this song is my jam hahaha. and i finally made a set for emma's battle fiNALLY 

and oh since this set was supposed to be about me this is my go-to outfit (a black and white flannel, my favourite black cat tshirt, sweatpants, and vans) and theres a cat and joy division and foxes in this set yayyyyyy

  1. @universed - hajer

  2. @xx-saaraah-xx - sarah 

  3. @janettetang - janette 

  4. @sighbrows - jaspreet 

  5. @d0ntblink - macey 

  6. @annamari-a - anna 

  7. @spacemode - christina 

  8. @mihsty - erien 

  9. @silverly - lidiya


  • does the set have clothes in it? yEA 

  • does the collection have at least 4 items of clothing and accessories in it? yess!! 

  • have you tagged @pxre and #emmasfb in your description? yup 

  • have you put 'fashion battle R1' in the title? done

  • have you tagged all your team members in the description?

  • add a picture of you in the set/collection (I understand that this is personal, so don't feel obligated, it's only an option!) (3 points) YES

  • have your favourite colour as a colour scheme for your collections/sets (2 points) IF BLACK COUNTS, YES (:


edit: #topset ?! thank you @polyvore so much! 
young blood // naked and famous
the sun said, 'it hurts to become.'

turn back time // sub focus 

happy easter guys! how was your weekend? yesterday i upcycled this denim jacket i got with camo fabric and it looks super epic. love the way it turned out. i am currently just catching up on youtube and relaxing, eating chips on the couch lol. not too pleased with the way this set turned out, but idk the outfit is cool. oversized denim jackets = the bomb. 

oh i went shopping yesterday yey n.n 
the socks in the set are just my cup of tea c:
recently i have developed a slight obsession with linking paper clips. 

not looking forward to doing a lot of work tonight and tomorrow though. ehh
oh and have a good day pls

taking a toll on my soul

how is everything?? i think i'm getting better at going through my activity and replying to messages now that i have summer break ahh

i was going to put text in this set but i fiddled around with so many words and positions and nothing looks quite right so i just decided to leave it as it is, hehe. i usually like to put text in sets and the more i look at this, the more i feel the need to add a quote somewhere?? but oh well

these past few days i've just been walking around town and chilling with friends and stuff, i spotted the newest nylon mag at a local bookstore and i've got my eye on it, hopefully i can buy it soon (-:

i'm really digging this new app called paper fifty-three, it's a drawing app where you can use different brushes and mess around with shapes and colours and lots of cool things. you can remix other people's pictures by adding stuff to it or drawing stuff on it or whatever (i'm really bad at explaining hahaha sorry) and star creations and ideas other people have made and it's really cool. if anyone has an account, let me know!! i'd love to see your drawings (-:

we will wake // seasfire


  • create a set with your team's colour scheme AND *your* favourite colour 

  • if your favourite colour is the same as your team colour, then just use that colour alone

  • ((green & blue))

  • write a little bio of yourself, stating a few facts about your, your favourite artists, movies, etc. whatever you feel would describe you!

  • use the hashtag #botcs IN your set as text, like in this set

  • tag your teammates as well as me @feels-like-snow-in-september and #botcs

hi all im christina!!!!!!! i havent made a magazine set in a while haha & i dont really have much to say about myself. like many people i enjoy food a lot & at the moment that is all i can think about bc im eating cake rn bc this vEry talented baker made a lOt to bring to church today & i brought some home !!!!!!!!! its fantastic 

but aNYWAys im christina hi!!!!!! my favourite bands of the moment include seasfire, freedom fry, mayday parade & walk the moon((: i like giving presents to others & doodling

and since you made it to the end, here's some rare footage of me making a set i never ended up publishing… i wonder what got wiped out from my drafts when polyvore got shut down. this was recorded on my pc, my first computer haha