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Hello, I'm Christina! 
I'm a designer, sometimes developer. I'm interested in building scalable, delightful products, and having fun in the process. Currently, I work on cybersecurity software at Cisco, while playing with technology in the Digital Futures program at OCAD University in Toronto, Canada. 

You can reach me on Discord at christina#9999, Twitter, or LinkedIn.
Why I design
I try to follow my curiosity. I like technology, maybe because I spend most of my time staring at screens, maybe because of its potential to have impact on large scales, maybe because it's constantly changing, so there's always more to learn.

My favourite parts of design are observing and listening to people interact with products, ideating and testing solutions with a high level of craft + detail, and collaborating with cross-functional team members to see situations from new perspectives. 

I believe everyone is a designer, sometimes nothing is better than something, and that growth comes out of compromise, constraints, and being uncomfortable. 
I'd like to explore...
Technology that helps people save time, how AI can be used to expand human creativity, nudging consumers towards more environmentally sustainable choices, pretty much anything in the fintech space since transactions fuel the world, digital experiences beyond phones and computers like augmented or mixed reality, communities that facilitate meaningful connections between people, all kinds of tools used by creators, and probably some more. 

In the past, I've really liked working on design systems at both startups and larger companies because of opportunities to optimize processes and bridge gaps between design and development. I'm always down to try new tools, whether they're no code builders, Figma plugins, prototyping software, analytics features, or something else entirely. Currently, I'm reading Edward Tufte's The Visual Display of Quantitative Information and learning more about accessibility + inclusivity in design. 
Have we crossed paths?
I've been to over 10 hackathons, sometimes as a hacker, mentor, or speaker! Also, a similar number of concerts. Maybe I should find some new interests.

SheHacks 2020

Khalid 2019

Always down for music recommendations